Friday, October 30, 2015

New Soaps This Week

Sarah will be in Abbotsford this Sunday selling these new batches:

Chocolate Almond

Coffee & Cream

Eucalyptus & Spearmint

no pic

i'm a little squirly part 2

found some more pics

 Squirly all cold & wet

my army is slowing growing...

floating soap

been thinking, not sure though

 working on some floating soap recipes
it needs to float, but be a long lasting bar. so far she's looking good.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hair Chalk

This is what the finished hair chalk looks like from:

To answer a few questions:

These work best on light coloured hair.
May work on dark hair,experiment.

You don't need a mold, simply dump wet hair chalk onto wax paper to let dry.

Yes you can wet chalk, but if using alcohol in recipe, make sure your kid doesn't 
light any cigarettes for a while.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

i will soon rule the world

My rapidly growing army of mushroom tripping rabid raccoons and i will soon rule the world.

they are hard to see in the dark, and i didn't want to scare
them off (I mean have them practice stealth ninja evasion technique's) 
before they are finished dinner by turning on the backlight.

Love the baby in the middle of the pic,i swear i heard him say
"Were is my banana? I thought we were friends"

He's standing on his little back legs begging for food wondering why i don't give him any banana?
Sorry little buddy, i ate them all up for dinner last night, when does the banana store open?

Want any green tomatoes? I gots me a million of them.

Don't worry little buddies when we rule the world,
it'll be nothing but bananas and catnip as far as the eye can see

Hair Chalk Recipe & Have a Safe but very scary halloween

Really Quick & Easy Hair Chalk Recipe,
only made with some natural ingredients of our choosing,
that will easily wash out with some soap & water after 1 or 2 washes|item_page.rr1|0|0

 Quick & Easy Hair Chalk Recipe

Mix 2 tablespoons of color either mica's or oxides, found here:

Stay away from the annato powder, it is natural, but is used as a natural dye
The oxide's, mica's, and ultramarine's will work and are temporary, but test yur creation first

1/2 teaspoon Kaolin Clay

1/2 teaspoon Arrowroot Powder

Blend your dry ingredients together, then add

2 tablespoons of Vodka
You can substitute with water or witch hazel 
but the vodka will easily thin out the clumps and quickly evaporate
making a nice hard chalk

mix everything together,then if happy pour into silicone mold to let dry
or pour straight into a makeup thingy and let harden.

if I'm blending colours, I'll let her dry as i work on other projects
when dry she'll look deferent, if i like it i will add more vodka to pour into molds.

when he is dry, wrap in plastic or store  in containers.

To use them

wet hair and gently slide chalk through sections of hair

make sure to cover your clothes with an old towel or something until your hair dries.

the vodka is starting to work, time for bed... i'll fix grammerandspelling mistakeslater

Friday, October 23, 2015

some new stuff for this sunday

On Sunday, Sarah will be in abbotsford selling a few new batches:

Tea Tree
Spiced Orange
(sweet orange & cinnamon)
Lavender & Orange
Bubblegum with stuck squeaky toys in them

Salty soap & Dividers

Chocolate Almond Soap, even with a huge amount of salt content comes out nicely cutup into 15 bars

When i make a batch of soap,i always add a ton of salt,either Himalayan or pacific sea salt.

There a number of great reasons for this, these two salts provide a better skin exfoliation, are loaded with 84 minerals and trace elements, may provide therapeutic benefit for a number of ailments such as, eczema, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, sinus conditions, herpes, acne, neurodermatitis, athlete’s foot, warts, insect bites, bronchitis, osteoporosis, and more, at least according to many health websites

The biggest reason that i love using these salts in soap however, is salts weird ability to act as Viagra for soap. It gets soap hard and keeps it that way, making a nice long lasting bar with rich dense lather.

The only downside to using high amounts of salt is how difficult it is cut after only a matter of hours. If you don't plan your un-molding correct, you'll end up with large solid brick that'll crumble when you try cutting her up. This is why dividers become a necessity when working with salty soap

you'll  need to cut:
4: 11 x 2 inch strips
2: 12 x 2 inches strips 

As in the pic above you'll need to cut a 1/8 inch slots halfway through the dividers at

for the 4 eleven inch strips: 3 1/2" & 7 1/2"
for the 2 twelve inch strips: 2 3/8",  4 3/4",  7 1/4",& 9 5/8"

these measurements are from left - right
with the 1/8` slot being made n the right hand side of your mark.

for instance, your 11`strips you will notch it between 3 & a half inches and 3 & three quarters

hopefully you will end up with something like this... anyways happy soaping

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A real no-liner soap mold part 2

i apologize in advance for the poor lighting,
i have to work by my haunted beer fridge at night so my crazy cat won't curl up in one of the molds will the silicone is curing, or jump up on the table into the tape.

I hear Gorilla tape works wonders for waxing, so if any ladies need a Brazilian wax...

Easy access to full beer cans comes in handy for holding pieces in place will i work, or in case i become severely dehydrated from this intense workout.

this slab mold will hold a 5 pound soap recipe, yielding 15 large bars

you need to cut corrugated plastic into the following pieces:

bottom; 11 1/4" x 12 1/4"
2 side pieces:  11 1/4" x 2"
2 side pieces;  12 3/4" x 2"

this stuff cuts real easy with a box cutter and straight edge, no special tools required

if you plan on making lots of molds, its easiest to cut a large strip
the entire width of your sheet then cut into strips
like in my extremely accurate drawing below

(not exactly to scale)

once you get your sides and bottom cut, 
line up the 11 1/4" strip with the 11 1/4" side of the bottom
the 12 3/4" strip will go on the 12 1/4" side of the bottom

the side pieces fit on the outside around the bottom piece, not sitting on top of it

i find it easiest to put a piece of tape on the bottom on all four edges, then flip her over so the sticky side faces up, then place your 11 1/4" side pieces along the outside edge, fold your tape over

12 3/4" side should just cover the entire length of the bottom & 2 sides

i use cans to hold the side pieces upright until i tape corners

you don't need it to be 100% square, i just eyeball it

a thin bead of 100% silicone alone the inside seams and corners will make her leak proof

note the large gap in the right corner in the center of pic above... it does't matter the silicone and tape holds everything together just fine.

It only takes 30 mins for the silicone to cure, then she is ready to go.

soap dividers are optional, but nice to have
for those that want them, i'll post the measurements later tonight
when i get a chance

if you make decent cuts, you can stack your molds some some place out of the way to cure

A real no-liner soap mold part 1

 An easy and almost free way to make a real no-liner soap mold.
The 'no-liner' molds sold on etsy & ebay are built fairly well, but at well over $150 cad with shipping are a just bit overpriced, especially considering many of  us have found that they need lining anyways.

My cheap reusable mold's cost me around $3-$4 each if i have to buy everything new, or pennies a mold if can get some stuff for free. and have lasted over 5 months so far with daily use. Considering my purchased mold costs have been over a $1,000 in the last few years, i have no complaints with my little guys.

To make them you need:

corrugated plastic
some strong tape
100% silicone
box cutter/sharp knife

Corrugated Plastic

corrugated plastic can be obtained for free from;
old election/real estate/for sale signs
warehouses and shipping companies
always ask first

or can be bought cheaply at:

lowes canada sells 30 x 36" sheets for $9.99

uline canada, they sell in bundles of 10 a small sheet 14x18" costs $3.70 each
$37.00 a bundle, more than enough to make 10 molds

home depot sells 48" x 96" for $30.79 
or 24 " x  48" for $15.29

home hardware sells 18 x 24" for $7.69
30 x 36" for $15.99
48 x 96"  for  $34.99

if you can't find these sheets in a building supply store, ask an employee if they sell 'corrugated plastic' made by plaskolite,

The stuff sold in the roofing section is great for greenhouses, patio decks, stray cat feeder etc., but not the greatest material for mold making.

signs making companies and shops that sell plexiglass often carry this as well.

i know many people don't believe plastic can withstand high temps, but if i can melt stearic acid to make a melt and pour soap base from scratch and dump it into my mold.
200F glycerin soap base sitting in my mold,.. no melted mold
Well as prof. Raph says, Must Be Voodoo Magic

100% silicone

the 100% silicone is optional but if you pour at light trace you might want to use it
at 5 or 6 bucks a tube its cheap and u can do a ton of molds with 1 tube, besides the added strength will just add to the durability of your mold

Don't use the latex sealants like DAP, they just didn't work very well. 

you don't need a gimmicky sealant (high temp, paint able, etc) just plain old 100% silicone
i normally use GE silicone 1 because it is aquarium safe so usually have some on hand from other projects. If you don't have a caulking gun, just grab a squeeze tub, they work just as good

squeeze tub ge silicone at home depot $4.37


for tape, any good strong tape will do. I use gorilla tape because it has excellent grip on the dry plastic and does extremely well with heat and repeated use.

$5.47 at home depot

$5.98 at lowes

bottom of washed molds, gorilla still working great after 5 months of daily use

i gotta make dinner and soap, part 2 in a few minutes or so

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

i love gorillas

Gorilla tape is f'n awesome, if you don't have a roll handy, immediately drop whatever the hell you are doing and go get some now.

When i get a chance i'll post some some super easy and almost free (gorilla tape cost is pennies per mold), soap mold making instructions by the super handsome soap making guy.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Some more stuff for this sunday

Tiger Tiger

Lemongrass & Eucalyptus (left)  Frankincense & Myrrh (right)

Frankincense & Myrrh (left)  Lemongrass & Eucalyptus (right)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Rose McIver

Mmm... brains! 
Rose McIver from iZombie
When looking for a relationship, it’s important to be yourself. But, if your true self happens to suck, then you’re out of luck.

Why I Can't Stand Politics

In 2008, now President Obama ran with the following as a key plank in his campaign:
Protect Whistleblowers: Often the best source of information about waste, fraud, and abuse in government is an existing government employee committed to public integrity and willing to speak out. Such acts of courage and patriotism, which can sometimes save lives and often save taxpayer dollars, should be encouraged rather than stifled as they have been during the Bush administration. We need to empower federal employees as watchdogs of wrongdoing and partners in performance. Barack Obama will strengthen whistleblower laws to protect federal workers who expose waste, fraud, and abuse of authority in government. Obama will ensure that federal agencies expedite the process for reviewing whistleblower claims and whistleblowers have full access to courts and due process.
None of that has happened. Instead, as we've discussed repeatedly, President Obama has been the most aggressive President ever in attacking whistleblowers and bringing the full weight of the law down on them. In fact, in 2012, rather than promote protecting whistleblowers in his campaign, the campaign bragged about how it cracked down on whistleblowers:
President Obama has done more than any other administration to forcefully pursue and address leaks of classified national security information.... The Obama administration has prosecuted twice as many cases under the Espionage Act as all other administrations combined. Under the President, the Justice Department has prosecuted six cases regarding national security leaks. Before he took office, federal prosecutors had used the Espionage Act in only three cases.

the Eastside Flea Holiday Market

everything is blurry looking to me, might just be my tired eyes? or blurry pics?

Anyways, last time i'm selling this year will be at
the Eastside Flea Holiday Market
Saturday, December 19
Wise Hall
1882 Adanac St., Vancouver BC
10am - 4 pm

i'll be doing the same thing as last year for the food bank, trading non perishable items for whatever i have at my booth

Most needed items:

Canned meat/fish
Peanut butter
Bags of whole wheat pasta/rice
Pasta sauce
Canned fruit/vegetables
Baby formula
Baby food

i'm going to finish a more batches of soap then wander off into the woods, should see you on dec 19 if i dont get eaten by hungry squirrels. bye

been making lots

black pine

dino dragon blood

citrus dinos

more dino's and fly with maggots

sorry no dinos

will be taking these out to sarah next day or so, will be ready for abbotsford this weekend.

Zombies don't dream, i don't dream... therefore i am Zombie