Saturday, June 27, 2015

River District Farmers Market

Nice and cool down by the river. Great breeze.
Tomorrow is the food cart fest. 12 noon - 5 pm.
I'll be taking food bank donations in exchange for soap if you like.
1 can for a bar or something. I'm  easy.
More details later tonight.
thanks John

Friday, June 26, 2015

You Eated my Cookie? :(

Last night was a little weird, sorry about that.
Lack of sleep over the last few years has made me even crazier then normal...

Saturday River District Farmers, Sunday, Food Cart Fest

This Saturday, June 27 10am -3pm! 

Live Music By Alexander Flock

Yummy's For Your Tummy will include:
HoneyBee Center (sweetness straight from the source,
seriously gotta try some blueberry honey.)
Hooray For Truffles :)
Sweet Thea: cookies, cakes, pies, mmm donuts

Food Trucks:

Dog Meister
Rocky Point IceCream


Marley Bike Caffe


The Fort Wine
Dragon Mist Distillery

and lots of other stuff, that I really don';t remember right this exact second, but they will all be there this Saturday from 10am -3pm

Not My Heart Or mind.
You Had in Mind.

Having lost you under the circumstance, I'm aware I may never get another chance

No Moods, No Tears, just Crazy and Free

No Moods, No Tears, just Crazy and Free


see myself holding you close to me squeezing your body tight but for all i see as i daydream i know that ill get you.....tonight


ee myself holding you close to me
squeezing your body tight
but for all i see as i daydream
i know that ill get you.....tonight

running my palms across your breast
as you tremble and bite your lip
feeling your hands upon my chest
the softness of each fingertip

teasing your neck, so sweet, so soft
and slowly lowering my kiss
over your nipples across your navel
and finally into pure bliss

looking upon your face from below
as you tilt back your head
feeling your fountains begin to flow
as you ease back on the bed

your "innocent little devil" look
crying insatiably with the sensation
lip to lip lapping up every drip
from the well of your creation

the way you pull me up by the hair
to the heat of your mouth on fire
no other thoughts, not a care
just the quenching of mad desire

riding the tide of passion
pushing my love into you
on the waves of your emotion
in slow motion, so sweet, so true

pulse pounding in resounding rapture
taken to the edge, then just past
rhythm growing, faces glowing
the climax coming fast

the heated illicit look
of ecstasy across your eyes
the culmination nearing
within your undulating thighs
echoing throughout the heavens
on overindulgent cries

the sultry look upon your face
in reaching that gyrating gush
the way you bite my fingers
when i try to make you hush

your arching back, your fingernails
your perfume mixed with sweat
the way you keep rubbing against me
your insides already so wet

the way when i'm beat dead and ready
to fall asleep face first on the floor
you put your sweet lips to my ear
and whisper, "i want more"

Friday, June 12, 2015


I have to move a few dates around:

sunday June 14 ~ aldergrove
sunday June 21 ~ aldergrove
sunday June 28 ~ food cart fest vancouver
sunday July 5 ~ abbotsford

tonight sometime i'll finish filling in the market dates for the next couple of months

New Market Dates Food Cart Fest


215 West 1st Ave.
East of Cambie Bridge, along the Sea Wall

Market Hours: 12pm - 5pm

** The Market **
50+ curated vendors specializing in:

* Vintage Clothing * Collectables * Curios * Bicycles * Vinyl Records * Handmade Goods * Garage Sale * Natural, Locally Made Body Care * Small Furniture * Posters, Paper Goods & Art * Succulents & Plants * Household Goods* & tons more rad stuff!!

**PLUS more food trucks than ever!
**Huge Beer garden!
**Live Music!
**Kids Activities!
**Ping Pong!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

some new stuff

sweet orange and lemon poppy seed (left)
fruit loops (right)

tiger stripe (left)
lemon grass & eucalyptus (right)

for next weekend:
butter milk & honey
merlot (wine soap)

this sunday

for Sunday June 7, ill be selling at 
260th street & fraser highway in langley
soap, salts, and lotions only, i have no mushrooms right now,
but i will lots in 3-4 weeks.

I made a baby brick

I turned my 4 year old into a neat little brick, for now contact me through email or
(sorry no communicator, left on the ship with sexy alien babe)

Everything made for custom orders is done, you can email me to double check before heading to a market to be sure its ready. Email new orders or see me in person at the markets for anything custom made.

Next week when i have the time i'll fix the charging port and get her back up and running, if not i''ll just throw in the towel and get a new one.