Sunday, May 31, 2015

I've been abducted by aliens, well maybe abducted is a strong word, she's kindly asked me repopulate her race on a distant planet and i reluctantly agreed to go. As a result of my super important mission i will not be able to go abbotsford today.
Don't worry she is being very friendly, she was nice enough to pose for this snap after all.
In a few days i might try to fashion an escape, so see you next week... maybe.  

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Strawberry Season is Here

the 5 minute strawberry ice cream looks really good right now.

For guys that aren't great cooks but want to impress that special lady, try chocolate dipped strawberries, you don't even have to be all fancy and melt the chocolate and do the whole dipping thing. 
No just break off pieces of chocolate(the cheaper the better) and chuck them and the lucky lady of your choice, mix a strawberry in on random throws to keep her on her toes.. Remember this is a special dessert so serve it up after she has gobbled down the TV dinner and chugged her can of ice cold Kokanee.

What was i taking about again???... Right.

This Sat May 30 10am -3pm! 

Fresh Farmed BC Straberries get them while they last!
First Market of the season first 50 customers who spend minumum $10 gets a River District farmers market bag!

Dog Meister & Rocky Point IceCream Food Carts will be there serving up yummy treats all day.
Or try sampling some dragon mist vodka or fresh baked goods.

And of course the super handsome soap guy will be selling his wares as well.