Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Making Hemp Soap

using the soap calc:
this is the recipe i came up with for a nice a conditioning soap that is palm free.

Cold Process Hemp Soap Recipe

Coconut Oil Fractionated      276 grams
Coconut Oil, 76 degrees       453 grams
Pomace Olive Oil                  544 grams
Hemp Oil Unrefined              362 grams
Canola Oil                              91 grams
Castor Oil                              91 grams

Lye Solution
Sodium Hydroxide              278 grams
Water                                 689 grams
Wild Tussah Silk                 approximately the size of my thumb
allow the silk to fully dissolve in the lye water solution before mixing with oils.

I added the lye solution to the oils when they were both around 110 degrees Fahrenheit.
When the soap got to light trace, it was poured into the molds.

i just loved the way the dark green hemp oil kinda sat on top of the other oils

the fully melted and mixed oils, the hemp oil gave it a nice dark green color along with a great smell of fresh cut grass (the lawn type).

once the lye solution was mixed in, the oils turned a light green color, and that nice fresh grass smell started to disappear :(

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